Last Thursday, my Mum, a primary school teacher with absolutely no financial markets interest, asked me what is going on with the stock market - and how shorting actually works.

Sounded pretty bizarre, but to be fair this was a crazy week too. A meme-fueled stock frenzy driven by an army of Redditors has completely taken over the global markets. If you’re a tech writer, you’re kind of forced to cover the tale of GameStop, Reddit and Robinhood, and number of great pieces have been written already (like this one from Matt Levine).

We’re not going to beat a…

Can technology save our world?

This article was originally published on 26 January 2020 as a sector report.
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‘Climate change is the defining issue of our time’ — UN Secretary-General

Consumer tech insights for 2021 and beyond

This was a pretty crazy year, to say at least!

Google Trends for COVID-related queries
Google Trends for COVID-related queries
Evolution of Google Searches towards the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 health crisis, while devastating to the world, has been a major catalyst for a permanent shift in consumer preferences. The ways we (used to) work, relax, have fun — or even eat — have been drastically altered. New digital business models emerged, our approach to work and education changed, and we embraced new ways of content consumption.

We strongly believe that the digital era must evolve with new behaviors and habits. The modern consumer is always connected, increasingly wary and expects quality content delivered anytime, anywhere.

2020 was…

Olek Skwarczek

Co-founder at and a tech guy who genuinely enjoys finance. I write about consumer startups and digital economy.

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