• Ryan Klinefelter

    Ryan Klinefelter

    West Portal Dad | Creative Corporate Development

  • Mikołaj Witkowicz

    Mikołaj Witkowicz

  • Łukasz Obuchowicz

    Łukasz Obuchowicz

    Founding Partner @KogitoVC

  • Tim Beckmann

    Tim Beckmann

  • Patrick Böert

    Patrick Böert

    Pushing Tiantang Ventures. Armchair economist. Formerly @brickgate @bcg @zalando. Don’t be a stranger.

  • Michael Wolfe

    Michael Wolfe

    Co-founder, Gladly. Advisor at Point Nine Capital. Five startups. Endurance athlete, SF dweller. Quora addict. Fanboy.

  • Nikhil Parmar

    Nikhil Parmar

  • Marcin Szelag

    Marcin Szelag

    I’m a Partner at Innovation Nest, a seed VC fund focused on B2B Software. Helping SaaS founders with growth strategies and tactics.

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